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Industry Development Fund and GLONASS Union agreed on joint support of high-tech projects in the field of navigation technologies

On June 19, 2015, Industry Development Fund of MIT (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and Non-commercial partnership for promotion of navigation technologies development and application (GLONASS Union) at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum signed a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by Alexey Komissarov, the Fund Director, and Alexander Gurko, the President of the partnership.

The Fund and the Partnership will develop cooperation in the field of efficient use of navigation technologies in favor of socio-economic development and solution of the priority socio-economic tasks of the domestic industry development. Also, the parties will cooperate in the development of products and services using GLONASS technologies and their promotion in Russia and abroad.

For the purpose of cooperation, it is planned to organize research, technological and experimental programs, pilot projects for the creation and development of innovative technologies in the field of navigation.

In addition, the two parties plan to cooperate in optimization of mechanisms of high-tech projects realization in the sphere of navigation technologies implementation, and also promote navigation technologies by disseminating information about their opportunities in various branches of industry.

Alexey Komissarov, Director of the Industry Development Fund of MIT: "Nationwide projects, such as GLONASS, create more demand for suppliers of domestic solutions, hardware, component base. Their manufacturers are, among others, Russian high-tech companies producing competitive products. Our cooperation with GLONASS Union will be aimed at the search and funding (in accordance with other criteria of the Fund) of such projects and companies".

Alexander Gurko, the President of GLONASS Union: "In order to ensure the sovereignty of the navigation signal, it is very important to support Russian companies operating in the field of navigation in the face of global competition. I am confident that our partnership with the Industry Development Fund will be one of the key mechanisms for the development of domestic technologists: from chipsets and hardware to software. "