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“Skolkovo” Foundation and GLONASS Union announce a competition of navigation and Earth remote sensing projects NaviTerra-2015

"Skolkovo" Foundation and GLONASS Union announced the NaviTerra-2015 competition at the Startup Village international conference, which took place in June in "Skolkovo" Innovation Center. It is the first competition of its kind in the field of navigation and Earth remote sensing. The following Foundation's partners have become co-organizers of the competition: LLC Engineering and Technical Center "ScanEx", LLC "Sovzond Company", I2BF Global Ventures Investment Foundations, "VEB Innovation" and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.

The requests for participation in the competition are admitted until July 19, 2015.  After that, a reputable jury will hold an absentee estimation and request shortlisting (the first stage of the competition). At the second stage, the jury will carry out a more detailed analysis of the projects selected, of their commercial component in particular. The teams that make it through to the final will be able to present their projects at a pitch session at "Skolkovo" Innovation Center, scheduled on September 30, 2015.

Following the results of the competition, there will be three projects chosen in the category "The best project in the field of navigation" and three projects in the category "The best project in the field of Earth remote sensing". The projects that reach the final will be able to apply for the "Skolkovo" project participant status under the simplified procedure. The projects that gain 1st to 3rd places will receive the grants amounting to 5, 4 and 3 million rubles in accordance with the places gained from the "Skolkovo" Foundation, as well as an opportunity to make investment agreements with co-organizers and to get a gratuitous grant support from the Foundation for Assistance. The prize fund from the competition's co-organizers equals to 48 mln. rub. The investment will take place after the winning projects undergo the proper procedures on preparation and closing of an investment deal. Moreover, the projects that reach the final will get personal consultations from the "Skolkovo" Foundation, as well as expert support on the project development, on attracting investments and order receipts from large Russian corporations.

Aleksey Belyakov, Vice President and Executive Director of Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster of the "Skolkovo" Foundation:

"This year the Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster organizes a competition of projects in the field of Earth remote sensing and navigation for the first time.  Directed by the "Skolkovo" Foundation, there are about 40 companies, which specialize in developing products and services using navigation technologies, and several interesting projects in the field of Earth remote sensing are evolving. This year we are expanding the mentoring support of the projects. The finalists of the competition will get personalized support of our cluster, and a respectable Jury will give the developers a unique opportunity to present their projects to the Russian major customers and potential investors at the same time".

Alexander Gurko, President of GLONASS Union:

"Today navigation market has global geography and a diversity of fields. It includes more than 4 billion navigation devices, millions of services for smartphone owners and drivers, thousands of professional applications for aviation, fleet, agriculture and construction. It is a huge space for modern ideas and big opportunities for startup innovation companies. In the next 2-3 years, we expect the introduction of new equipment and indoor navigation solutions, driverless vehicles - robot cars and UAVs, services providing safe and high accuracy navigation. Therefore we consider the NaviTerra-2015 competition, hold by the "Skolkovo" Foundation together with GLONASS Union, to be well timed. Our goal is to help young innovation teams not just to assert themselves at these promising global markets, but to become their leaders".