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High precision positioning station network of GLONASS UNION and "Industrial Geodetic Systems" has become the largest in Russia

GLONASS Union and Scientific and Production Corporation "Industrial Geodetic Systems" have supplied the HIVE system with 48 control-correcting stations for high precision satellite positioning of Leningrad Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan, created by GLONASS Union for use in the ERA-GLONASS system as a part of a pilot project. After the stations' attachment, the joint network is now comprised of 195 stations, having become the largest one in Russia. The correcting information from the stations will serve for the ERA-GLONASS project, including the cases of road traffic accidents reconstruction, which is necessary for providing the service of the European Accident Statement.

High precision satellite positioning technologies (the accuracy of positioning of a centimeter unit) are used in different fields: while carrying out geodetic works, in construction activities, in automated machine and devices control, in high precision farming, in satellite-based monitoring. The goal of the common initiative of GLONASS Union and Scientific and Production Corporation "Industrial Geodetic Systems" is to establish a ground infrastructure of high precision positioning with maximum coverage of the Russian territory and to provide a convenient data access for final customers.

The stations were attached within the terms of an agreement on cooperation between GLONASS Union and Scientific and Production Corporation "Industrial Geodetic Systems", signed in April. The parties are planning the network's further development by involving into the project the stations' owners, represented by both government institutions and private companies. They are planning to raise the number of stations to 500 by the end of this year.