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The interstate standards projects on ERA-GLONASS devices under a public discussion

A public discussion of the interstate standards projects (ISS) on the systems/devices for emergency response services calls (ERA-GLONASS devices) is holding now. We have developed the projects of the indicated standards based on the approved standards for ERA-GLONASS system: GOST R 54618-2011, GOST R 54619-2011 and GOST R 54620-2011 with amendments No 1-2014 to the standards indicated.

The ISS projects wordings are posted on the website of the Interstate Technical Committee on standardization "Radio navigation" (Interstate Technical Committee 522) affiliated to JSC "Research and Development Center "Internavigation". The conventional names of standards projects are:

·         ISS project (54618) -  GOST iMGS 2.004.15

·         ISS project (54619) -  GOST MGS 2.005.15

·         ISS project (54620) -  GOST iMGS 2.006.15

They are also available on request on internavigation@rgcc.ru

The remarks and suggestions to the standards wordings should be filled into a special form and forwarded to JSC "Research and Development Center "Internavigation" (internavigation@rgcc.ru) and to the GLONASS UNION (gvm@glonassunion.ru  (Gladkikh V.M.) or aklimovskiy@glonassunion.ru (Klimovskiy A.M.)) prior to July 15, 2015.