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The future of navigation technologies application and the development of international cooperation

On 4-5 of June an International Forum for Technological Development "Technoprom – 2015" took place in Novosibirsk. The topics of discussions included the promising directions of science and technology development, extensive projects and programs, problems of developing the modern system of knowledge and the infrastructure of technological development.

As a part of the plenary meeting, Dmitriy Rogozin pointed at the importance and relevance of international cooperation in the field of navigation. "Today our leading partners, India and China, are strongly interested in the development which would let us establish an infrastructure which would turn a navigation signal into a huge service market. It is a project called ERA-GLONASS, which deals with equipping heavy motor trucks with chipsets and modules, controls the transportation of highly dangerous freights, and does a number of other activities", - he said.

A more detailed discussion of the problems of international cooperation development with regard to the implementation of GLONASS technologies and other navigation satellite systems took place at a similarly named topic session, with GLONASS UNION being one of its initiators.

Among the session participants were the representatives of Chinese Northern Industrial Corporation, the Burdwan University (India), OJSC "Russian Space Systems", OJSC "Information Satellite Systems" named after the academician M.F. Reshetnev, OJSC Research and Development Establishment of Microelectronic Facilities "Progress", Siberian State University of Geological Systems and Technologies, and other participants. The sessional meeting was devoted to the problems of scaling of the navigation technologies market, the harmonization of standards of navigation and information systems for transport, and implementation of the technologies of satellite navigation in the economies of BRICS countries.