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GLONASS UNION held a meeting on ERA-GLONASS devices certification

On June, 2 there was a regular meeting devoted to the problems of certification of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems and vehicles equipped with them, aimed at meeting the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On wheeled vehicles safety" (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 018/2011). Among the participants of the meeting were the experts of GLONASS Union, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Certification Center Svyaz-Certificate", NAMI Test Center, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Research Institute of Radio, and representatives of the leading vehicle components manufacturers and motor manufacturers.

Since the first meetings took place, five components manufacturers have already applied for certification tests to the accredited laboratory "Svyaz-Certificate", with Fort Telecom, Continental Automotive RUS, "ITELMA" and Hitachi High-Technologies RUS/Clarion among them. Moreover, according to the laboratory representatives, about five more companies are concluding preliminary negotiations and will file the applications in the nearest future. It means that shortly there will be a whole range of certified devices for emergency calls, available for installation in automobiles. By the end of June, the experts of Certification Center "Svyaz-Certificate" will prepare methodic recommendations on carrying out the certification of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems, which will be available on request to all the market participants.

Before long, another testing laboratory will start to receive applications for certification tests – the Testing Center of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Research Institute of Radio, which is currently in the process of obtaining an accreditation certificate for conducting certification tests for vehicle components, which provide the opportunity of emergency response in case of accidents.

During the meeting, motor manufacturers proposed to establish a working group for typing the cabins (bodies) of trucking vehicles for conducting certification tests. The Deputy Development Director of the ERA-GLONASS project of GLONASS Union Yevgeniy Meylikhov will be the leader of the working group. The list of members of the working group will be determined within a week.

In June-July 2015 the interstate standards projects, which determine testing requirements and methods for the devices/systems of emergency response service calls, will become available for public discussions. GLONASS Union has developed the standards for Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 018/2011 support. We suggested that all the meeting participants would send us their comments and proposals, which we will take into account in further work. In 2015, GLONASS Union will have to develop and present for a public discussion the projects of 8 interstate standards.

Moreover, the experts of the Partnership reminded the meeting participants of the necessity for cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation of Russia in order to meet the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the procedure of interaction with State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS" No 151 of February 21, 2015. According to the Decree, manufacturing companies are to supply the system with information about the vehicles equipped with the devices for emergency response services calls. In order to pass the information to the companies, which conduct vehicle manufacturing on the territory of Russian Federation, it is necessary to make an agreement on information interaction with the operator of ERA-GLONASS system represented by the Ministry of Transportation of Russia.

GLONASS Union holds regular meetings in order to discuss the current state of certification of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems and procedures. The meetings' participants work in cooperation aiming at testing procedure exercise, effective solution of current problems and further improvement of normative and technical basis of certification.