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The ERA-GLONASS call center operators begin their work in Kursk

The governor of the Kursk region Aleksandr Mikhailov visited the regional 112-system call center and the regional navigational and informational system center, based on the Regional Center of Navigational Services for the Kursk region, JSC on May 25.

During the working meeting the GLONASS Union specialists got the governor's approval of the 2015 co-operative activities plan on performance of the previously signed agreement on cooperation with the Kursk region administration in the sphere of navigational activity. The activities plan involves the development of pilot zones on procession of information and business services for motor-vehicles, based on the ERA-GLONASS system infrastructure.

One of the questions under discussion was the workplace arrangement in the filtering call center of the ERA-GLONASS system, based on the existing call processing center of the Regional Center of Navigational Services for the Kursk region, JSC. Before the end of the year the Kursk operators will receive calls from ERA-GLONASS terminals, installed in motor vehicles.

Specialized filtering call-centers are designed for filtering emergency calls coming to the ERA-GLONASS system. Exclusion of false calls in the process of filtering allows to take the additional load from the 112-system call center and local agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, providing engagement of emergency response services to road traffic accidents and other incidents on motor-ways of the Russian Federation.

GLONASS Union and the Kursk region and administration made an agreement on cooperation in the sphere of navigational technologies implementation and creation of the integrated information and navigational space in the Kursk region in February 2015. The Kursk region is one of the leading regions of Russia in the sphere of satellite navigation technologies application and population security information systems development.