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Mobile network operators will decide the manner of interaction with ERA-GLONASS

July 16 – the meeting between Andrey Nedosekov, GLONASS Joint Company CEO (ERA-GLONASS operator of the state emergency response system since January 1,2016 года in accordance with amendments to the Federal Law No395 of 13.07.2015 г.) and representatives of operators, licensed on the territory of  - VimpelCom, Megafon, MTS, Tele2.

The discussion featured interaction between the parties, including joining ERA-GLONASS network to the operators' network.  Operators were offered to present their own vision of interaction with GLONASS Joint Company – as the base operator for ERA-GLONASS or purely based on roaming contracts.  

ERA-GLONASS have been built based on the virtual operator (MVNO), which is a uniform specialized telecommunication network all over Russia.  

 MVNO network is currently joined to the "big three" operators network for reception and primary processing of emergency calls on the one hand and redirecting calls to 112 system or emergency MIA services on the other hand. This provides maximum zone for the processing of calls.  

The meeting took place of the territory of the GLONASS Union, which developed the system and is implementing and exploiting ERA-GLONASS up to 2016. VimpelCom, Megafon, MTS are the members of the GLONASS Union. The Union is focusing on creating the conditions for competitive development of GLONASS navigation technologies, lowering the barriers for navigation companies.