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GLONASS Union is ready to provide informational support for the appearance of the new testing laboratories

The meeting concerning ERA-GLONASS devices/systems certification and equipped vehicles meeting the requirements of the Customs Union technical regulations "On the safety of the wheeled vehicles" (TR TS 018/2011) took place July 16.

The meeting was hosted by Aleksandr Olegovich Gurko, the GLONASS Union President, and Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Burmistrov, deputy head of transport and special engineering department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Andrey Nikolayevich Nedosekov, Joint Company GLONASS CEO, as well as representatives of Svyaz-Sertifikat and The Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI. The event was attended by over 90 representatives of vehicle and vehicle components producers, including Ford, Hyundai, Volvo, Continental, Densо, as well as representatives of Association of European Businesses.

Aleksandr Gurko has pointed out that GLONASS Union has made an offer to 25 organizations proposing to consider the possibility of accrediting their existing laboratories for the testing of the components, providing satellite navigation and emergency services calling. GLONASS Union is ready to assist in providing additional information and due explanations.

The session featured the discussion of methodical recommendations for the certification of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems, which had been provided in advance to all interested members of the Svyaz-Sertifikat market.

The discussion also featured the main stages of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems certification according to the scheme, established by TR TS 018/2011, the documents and main features of every stage. Management quality system also got major attention, as well as testings of the way emergency services calling devices/systems meet the requirements for the quality of the speaker phone, and the assessment of the compliance of tele-communicational  and navigational features of the tested systems.

During the discussion, the representatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, GLONASS Joint Company, GLONASS Union, Svyaz-Sertifikat Certification center and The Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI answered the questions, concerning organizational and technical aspects of requirements and procedures of assessment of ERA-GLONASS devices/systems compliance and vehicles, equipped with those.

GLONASS Union, with the assistance of the officials (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, etc.) hosts regular discussions on the current status of the ERA-GLONASS devices/systems certification in Russia and algorithms of actions.  The meeting attendees work together in order to work out the testing procedure and efficient resolution of the arising issued.