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New joint Russan-Chinese transborder project is ready to launch

As part of the INNOPROM international industrial fair, which takes place on 8-11 July in Ekaterinburg, Russian navigation services provider GLONASS and the Chinese corporation Norinco signed an agreement on cooperation regarding the use of GLONASS and Beidou navigation technologies for trans-border transport transitions.

According to the agreement, a joint project on equipping the vehicle crossing the border of Russia and China with navigation and communication facilities starts in December 2015. The agreement was signed by the President of GLONASS Alexander Gurko and Vice-President of the Norinco corporation Ouyang Xinyun.

The agreement will be implemented within the framework of the Russian-Chinese sub-group on cooperation in the sphere of application of navigation technologies. GLONASS and Norinco are going to combine forces for the development of microelectronics and the creation of the GLONASS/BeiDou navigation receivers , software development, and map services. The aim of cooperation is implementing of the Chinese-Russian trans-border projects, including ones in the field of transport monitoring and emergency response. In the long term, the project will be scaled up and will cover other countries all over the Silk Road.

Last October GLONASS and Norinco signed a memorandum of cooperation, which charted a way for collaboration and cooperation. Currently, the parties are working together to harmonize the technical standards of navigation and information systems based on GLONASS and BeiDou. Harmonization of standards will give full scope for joint projects in the field of navigation, control, and road, air and water transport.