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GLONASS Union has taken part in an AECS working party on the development of UN rules

At the end of September in Brussels a 10th meeting of an AECS working party on the development of UN rules has taken place. The participants of the meeting have discussed the project of official Rules regulating the requirements for the devices of calling emergency services and the requirements for equipping the vehicles with them.

The meeting of the working party was assisted by the representatives of GLONASS Union, The Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI, Association of European Businesses (AEB), the world's biggest vehicle manufacturers, the European Commission, International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), the European GNSS Agency (GSA), Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) as well as the experts of GRSG working party.

During the meeting the GLONASS Union has come up with a suggestion to update several paragraphs describing the scenario of GNSS signals imitation during testing, and also the formulas applied in the assessment of positioning accuracy. The suggestion was accepted by the participants of the meeting after the discussion.

There were also tackled the questions of testing the device battery, requirements for fault indication of the devices of calling emergency services and displaying of the emergency call status,  quality testing methods of loudspeaking communication in a vehicle's cabin and many others.

After the approval of UN World Forum the Rules developed by the working party will be used in the approval procedure of the vehicles operation including the countries where the necessity of the device of calling emergency services presence is fixed at a legislative level.