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V International Congress ERA-GLONASS, which took place on October 1 in Moscow, gathered more than 700 leading market players in the sphere of navigation and information technologies in transport. The event was organized by Non-commercial Partnership "GLONASS", federal network operator in the field of navigation, the only performer of works on creation and implementation of the computerized system of emergency response "ERA-GLONASS". The Congress was attended by the delegates from Russia, EEU, BRICS and European Union.

The International Congress ERA-GLONASS was opened by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin. He noted that ERA-GLONASS is the world's first national project where satellite navigation and the possibilities of other modern technologies like microelectronics, mobile communication and information services are used for the benefit of human security in road transport. The next step of navigation technologies development and application in Russia should be a gradual transition to the self-driving vehicles market. Dmitry Rogozin specially focused on the importance of import substitution and the use of domestic products and services in the field of navigation: "The transition of Russian industry to the domestic component base, including microelectronics, is our top priority. This Tuesday the President of the Russian Federation held a meeting on microelectronics and instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to form a plan of action and an integrated state order for the production of micro- and radio electronics in the country until the end of the year. ERA-GLONASS is one of the twelve prioritized projects on the development of the use of Russian microelectronics," he added.

Deputy Prime Minister presented the two Russian companies AVTOVAZ JSC and Fort-Telecom LLC with the first certificates of compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles". The ERA-GLONASS system that is commercially installed to the cars Lada Vesta, and the calling emergency services device from the "Fort-Telecom" were the first to pass all the required tests.

Igor Levitin, the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation read the greeting words of Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, the Chief of Staff Presidential Administration of Russia. In his speech Igor Levitin said that over the past few years the Russian carpark has qualitatively changed and the roads have improved, though the number of accidents and their severity has not decreased. The use of technological capabilities of "ERA-GLONASS" and the development of this innovative trend will contribute to the prevention of accidents, improve the transport security level, primarily, children's traffic and passenger traffic.

Igor Levitin added that in general the increased use of navigation, information and telecommunication technologies in automobile transport and development of remotely piloted vehicles technologies lead to revolutionary changes of the whole transportation industry. "It requires the state to substantially improve the legislation and technical regulation, to develop and implement new standards for construction and use of motor roads and the whole transport infrastructure. We must be prepared for this, here too we must be the first in the world just like in making such high-technology systems as ERA-GLONASS", he said.

Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation Aleksey Tsydenov noted, that there is a wide range of services that can be put into effect using ERA-GLONASS infrastructure. "Taking into account multi-million number of vehicles that will be equipped with ERA-GLONASS devices in the next 2-3 years, even now business community should build relationships with system operators – GLONASS Corporation".

Director of Information technologies and mass communication division of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation Elena Boyko, Head of Department of Information technology and Telecommunications of EMERCOM of Russia Sergey Vlasov, Director General of GLONASS Corporation Andrey Nedosekov and President of GLONASS Union Aleksandr Gurko addressed delegates of the Congress within the framework of the plenary session.

Aleksandr Gurko, President of GLONASS Union, made a remark: "We see new mission of the Partnership to become an effective space for development and implementation of navigation and information technologies in transport by joining together efforts and resources of Russian market participants and the state. Basic areas of our work include forming regulatory structure and development policy at national and interstate level, interacting with institutes for development, organizing pilot projects and supporting export of GLONASS technologies".

"The sphere of our interest lies in services for drivers and passengers, supporting service and content providers, design-centers of equipment, development of V2X technologies and remotely piloted vehicles in Russia. For this purposes field representation of GLONASS Union is going to expand. Auto manufacturers, Russian companies that develop technologies of remotely piloted vehicles, and  navigation companies from EAEU and BRICS countries will be added to service providers and navigation companies", added Aleksandr Gurko.

Within the framework of the Congress there were discussed directions of the development of the ERA-GLONASS system and the possibility for usage its infrastructure on behalf of navigation and information systems operators, service providers, auto manufacturers and insurance companies. Topical issues are international cooperation and cooperation in the sphere of creation and implementation of navigation and information systems, prospects of usage of navigation, information and telecommunication technologies in automobile transport.