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GLONASS Union started implementation of a new strategy of Union development

GLONASS Union has summed up work in 2015 and presented future plans and strategy of the Partnership development.
The ERA-GLONASS state automated information system of emergency response in case of accidents was put into commercial operation on January 1, 2015. The sole executor of works on creation and implementation of the system since 2012 was GLONASS Union.
From January 1, 2016, the Joint-stock company "GLONASS" will become the ERA-GLONASS system operator with 100% state participation. In accordance with the Federal law, the main tasks of GLONASS JSC are the work of ERA-GLONASS, as well as the commercialization of system infrastructure at the expense of its use in the interests of state and commercial customers, attracting extra-budgetary investment for the development of the system.
GLONASS Union is a unique B2B and B2G platform. In the short-term plans of the Union, the broadening of membership through the involvement of organizations from the sphere of navigation and related industries: automakers, insurance companies, service providers, professional associations from the countries of the EEU and BRICS.
GLONASS JSC - ERA-GLONASS system operator, and Group T1 JSC, the main activity of which is the development of services using navigation, joined GLOBASS Union in November. The inclusion of GLONASS JSC into the Partnership is natural because one of the major tasks of the Union is the development of the ecosystem of service providers and services around the ERA-GLONASS system.
The first car manufacturer, which became a part of the Union, was PJSC "KAMAZ". KAMAZ is an active participant of works in the framework of the National technology initiative.
"In 2016, GLONASS Union plans to take an active part in the activities of three STI working groups: AvtoNet (unmanned motor vehicles), AeroNet (unmanned aerial vehicles), MariNet (unmanned aquatic vehicles). The Union is ready to provide its competences and experience, primarily regarding the organization of the discussions in the B&G and B&B formats of the development concepts, necessary state aid measures and pilot projects, development of projects of normative acts and organization of their public discussion, development of technical regulation projects, national and international standards and organization of their public discussion, organization of works on support of export programs and international cooperation", - said Alexander Gurko, the President of GLONASS Union.
One of the most important activities of GLONASS Union is support of the GLONASS technologies export, the development of international collaboration and cooperation in the field of navigation activity. The Union maintains active interaction with the Northern Industrial Corporation of China (NORINCO) in the field of navigation receivers and projects of trans-border trafficking.
Together with the Chinese state Corporation, GLONASS Union creates a joint venture for the development, production and sale of GLONASS-BeiDou chipset branded BG-Star. Co-developed modern and globally competitive lineup of GLONASS/BeiDou navigation receivers will become the basis for the creation of devices and systems for various applications for use in Russia, China and export to the global market.
GLONASS Union invites China to set up joint GLONASS/BeiDou R&D center on the territory of GLONASS technological park in Skolkovo. According to the estimates of investment analysts, it will save about $ 1 million. The production office will be located in the tech park of Suzhou city, and SMIC Chinese factory in Shanghai cluster – modern and one of the world's best factories – was selected as the production company.
GLONASS Union actively cooperates with China's Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA). Organizations support joint developments of embedded on-board systems/devices of calling emergency services on the basis of GLONASS/BeiDou technologies, as well as joint development of navigation and information service platforms in the car and promoting services. TIAA was invited to become the first foreign member of GLONASS Union.
In the near future, Memorandum on cooperation in the field of design and development of navigation receivers with the support of GLONASS and IRNSS (Indian regional navigation satellite system) will be signed. From the Russian side, it will be signed by GLONASS Union, from Indian – by Centre for development of advanced computing (C-DAC), a scientific research organization under the Department of electronics and information technology of the Ministry of communications and information technologies of India. The experience of GLONASS Union and C-DAC will allow in the shortest terms to create a product that is strategically necessary for the Indian market, which will provide the basis for new industries.
On the initiative of GLONASS Union, the proposition for the establishment of the national system of response in case of accidents in the Republic of India was included into the new priority Russian-Indian investment projects.