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ERA-GLONASS device suitable for activating additional services has been certified

In December 2015 the GLONASS/GPR Granite-Navigator-6.18 terminal of Russian developer Santel-Navigation CJSC (included into the navigation holding SpaceTeam) achieved certification of compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union as an ERA-GLONASS device of calling emergency services.

The automobile terminal is designed to operate within ERA-GLONASS, the Russian system of emergency response. In case of an automobile accident it ensures an immediate data transmission (identification number VIN, accurate coordinates etc.) to the system in order to reduce the response time of the appropriate services.

At the same time due to its technological characteristics the Granite-Navigator-6.18 terminal can not only be used to send an emergency response, but also to activate some additional services: monitoring and fleet dispatching; European Accident Statement and Hull Insurance control of the driving style; control of dangerous cargoes transportation; passenger traffic management, etc.

The device is installed during the process of the in-line assembly of a vehicle. All the peripheral equipment such as dynamic, microphone, indication is normally installed in a vehicle and connected to the terminal through a single connector.

According to Director General of the SpaceTeam Alexey Smyatskikh, there has been done a lot to design and prepare the ERA-GLONASS terminal for production operation. "Now we bring to the market a certified multifunctional device, which not only ensures calling of emergency services in case of an accident, but also makes it possible to employ some additional services. Thus, if a motor transport enterprise buys a new bus with our ERA-GLONASS terminal, it can connect it to the existing dispatch and transportation management system without any additional expenses. We think that the future belongs to such multifunctional devices, - says Alexey Smyatskikh. – For the moment the terminal has achieved certification for use in the motor vehicles of the PAZ trademark, however, the device can be installed in any other buses, minibuses, medium and heavy trucks."

"The ERA-GLONASS system opens new business opportunities including the spheres of design and production of navigation equipment. Of particular interest are the devices that allow connection of various additional services for the drivers, passengers and vehicle owners and use high potential of the ERA-GLONASS state system infrastructure." – stated chief analyst of the GLONASS Union Andrey Ionin.

There should also be mentioned some technical parameters of the terminal which are the important elements during the work of the ERA-GLONASS system. The operation of the device involves the GSM/GPRS/UMTS/BLUETOOTH SMART data transfer channels; the terminal has two CAN buses: diagnostic and multimedia; special outputs (door interlock, klaxon horn, direction indicators, starting preheater); 1 SIM card for telematics, 1 SIM chip for ERA-GLONASS. An interesting feature of the Granite-Navigator-6.18 is the presence of 6-D MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope. These elements are actively used in smartphones to determine the position in space. The use of such technology in the ERA-GLONASS terminal significantly increases accuracy in determining the vehicle position and allows to reconstruct the track (travel history) in the places where signal reception from navigation satellites is hindered or impossible. In other words, if a vehicle drives into a tunnel, under a bridge or to an underground parking the history of its travel will not be lost.

The terminal appears as iBeacon in smartphones in order to simplify the diagnostics and has an unlimited operating time from the battery of a vehicle. With the range of operating temperatures from - 40°С to + 85°С the terminal can operate in any climate conditions including the Far North and the Gobi Desert.


Reference information ERA-GLONASS is a state system of emergency response. The main objective of creation of the ERA-GLONASS system is to shorten the delivery time of the information about time and place of an accident to emergency services, which is supposed to save life and physical health of the drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved in a crash or another emergency situation on the road. It is estimated that ERA-GLONASS will annually save about 4 thousand people by reducing the response time to the accident. ERA-GLONASS has been brought into operation since January 1, 2015.

Santel-Navigation CJSC (included into the navigation holding SpaceTeam) is one of the major developers of airborne devices compatible with ERA-GLONASS. The company takes an active part in the project and in developing and mass production of navigation devices. It is one of the first companies to obtain a certificate for the ERA-GLONASS device of calling emergency services.