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On December 4, during the round table discussion within the framework of the IX International Forum "Transport of Russia" experts discussed application of GLONASS satellite navigation technologies to increase the transport sector efficiency. The Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin made an opening address to the participants.

In his welcoming speech the Deputy Minister of Transport Aleksey Tsydenov emphasized that the exhibition "Transport of Russia" features the motor vehicle Lada Vesta with the ERA-GLONASS terminal, which was pre-installed in the pipeline. "The system started working and implementing its imbedded functionality. Apart from that, many other projects are carried out in transport with the use of GLONASS technologies. Full monitoring of dangerous goods transportation and regular passenger transportation is implemented in many territorial entities of the Russian Federation, producing the effect of improving transportation safety. For instance, in Tatarstan, where there was introduced compulsory equipping of school buses, the 100 per cent safety has been provided this year: there was not a single incident registered", he added.

"Currently, three certification bodies (Svyaz-Sertifikat and the Research Institute of Radio in Russia and one certification body in Kazakhstan) and four testing laboratories (three in Russia and one in Kazakhstan ) are accredited for certification of transportation vehicles component parts, providing satellite navigation and calling emergency response services. Thus, there is the already-established evidence base to ensure complete conformity of vehicles and equipment, devices / systems intended for installation in vehicles. The development of ERA-GLONASS infrastructure and satellite navigation for the formation of a unified navigation environment in the transport sector will certainly lead to an increase in various sectors of the economy, development of navigation services market and safety improving", noted the deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Morozov.

GLONASS Union President Aleksandr Gurko made a presentation on the prospects of navigation technologies development in the transport sector. "On the basis of ERA-GLONASS as a single system, the on-board integration of various equipment and systems for which it is intended can become mandatory for all categories of vehicles. At the same time the consumer should have the right to choose: to buy an available terminal with one function or use the device for various tasks. In any case, ERA-GLONASS as the most large scale system should be the basis for integration with other navigation and information systems ", he said.

The moderator of the round table was the CEO of JSC "GLONASS" Andrey Nedosekov. Participants discussed issues of increasing the transport complex management efficiency in the Russian Federation, regulatory enforcement of navigation technologies in the transport sector and the implementation of monitoring and supervision functions with the use of GLONASS technologies. The round table discussion was attended by representatives of the members of the GLONASS Union: Yandex, Cezar Satellite, the GLONASS / GNSS-Forum Association and the Russian Union of Insurers, such companies as SpaceTeam, Gonets, SCOUT, NPPF Spectr, GLOSAV, Center of Navigation Technologies, NAVIS Crew Mangement, NIIAS.

The exhibition "Transport of Russia", which took place at Gostiny Dvor on December 3-5, the GLONASS Union and JSC "GLONASS" presented the work of the ERA-GLONASS state system of emergency response and commercial services based on the infrastructure of the system: monitoring of transport, Insurance Telematics, high-precision navigation system, provision of information for passengers of public transport (LBA). Also the stand contains technological innovations, created with the use of navigation technologies, in particular Geoscan 101 drone, designed for aerial photography.