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The chief analyst of the GLONASS Union Andrey Ionin made a report on the prospects of navigation technologies application in the sphere of automobile insurance in the course of the conference "Smart insurance – 2015" that was held in Moscow on 7 Dec.

During his presentation Andrey Ionin mentioned that Russia is the most promising market in the world when it comes to the implementation of ‘smart' insurance in motor transport. That is due to its unique peculiarities among which is a comparatively low level of comprehensive insurance penetration (less than 10%), comparatively high share of insurance costs in the cost of vehicle ownership and above all ample and equally accessible opportunities of the use of infrastructure and the audience of big navigation and information systems, state system ERA-GLONASS in the first place, that dramatically reduces the infrastructural and geographical entry barriers to the Russian market for the potential providers of ‘smart insurance' services.

Among the major problems of the current stage of development of the world market of ‘smart' automobile insurance is a change of an established business model, when apart from the traditional parties, a car owner and an insurance company, other necessary participants are included into the process: a mobile operator, a data processing, storage and transmission platform operator, motor manufacturers, additional services providers, customer databases aggregators and others. Until now in the world the effective models of ‘smart' insurance have not been formed partly because information, navigation and communication technologies, that are the basis of ‘smart' insurance, develop much faster than innovation processes in the traditional conservative insurance industry.

New development opportunities for ‘smart' insurance open due to the ongoing revolutionary changes in transport including the appearance of ‘smart' and in the near-term outlook self-driving cars, the development of a new branch of autonomous aircrafts, the change of a car usage model at the expense of development of the short-term car rental and carsharing.

GLONASS Union invites to cooperation insurance companies and service providers in order to ensure the development of the ‘smart' insurance sphere. The potential spheres for the joint activity include: the formation of ‘smart' insurance services markets; the improvement of legislative and technical regulation of navigational and other technologies application in the spheres of compulsory and facultative insurance of cars and other types of vehicles; the organization of pilot projects on testing the technical solutions, equipment, platforms and business models.

The conference Smart insurance is an annual platform for an open discussion of all the participants of the developing insurance services market. During the conference are discussed the examples of international practice of telematics systems application in the ‘smart insurance' programs, the opportunities of their application with a focus on increasing the effectiveness of insurance business in Russia; moreover, are analyzed the factors restraining the growth of this type of insurance and are discussed the solutions to these problems. Insurance companies, motor manufacturers, telematics equipment manufacturers, software developers for provision of ‘smart insurance' services, system integrators and experts in the sphere of car insurance take part in the discussion.