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Experts of "Autonet": people will sign a personal agreement on "data transfer" when the will buy a car

The participants of the round table which was held during the forum "Open Innovations" evaluated the prospects of using "CAR DATA" in transport. The moderator of the meeting of experts was the president of GLONASS UNION, co-head of the working group "AUTONET" Alexander Gurko.

Working group "AUTONET" held a business meeting, the main theme was "Artificial Intelligence on the roads. New transport reality». Representatives of Russian automotive, service and IT companies gathered at the round table: Yandex, Volvo Group, HERE, Deliver, T-1 Group, ROLF, Russian Machines and "Moscow Traffic Organization Center".

Participants discussed the collection of «big data» from vehicles, possible ways of their monetization, as well as prospects for transforming the automobile business in the context of the introduction of new technologies.

The basis for the conversation was the presentation of the data of the analytical report of the company Ernst & Young "CAR DATA is the new Oil". Yuri Gedgafov said that at the moment there are a lot of car data collected by various devices. However, they are not used as efficiently as possible for a number of reasons. For example, because potential market players can not agree among themselves about who has the right to these data - car owners, manufacturers or service companies. It is also still unclear whether the data obtained can be monetized, and how to encourage data owners to share them. These questions were asked to the participants of the Round Table.

The head of the direction of Geo-information services company Yandex Roman Chernin said that Yandex tracks and collects all the data of their services. "Their volumes are colossal," - Chernin added. In this case, each user has a personal right not to give them. "The situation is similar to the transfer of data on the Internet. Today, each user of the browser can include the appropriate privacy settings, however, use this unit option. "

The moderator of the meeting, Alexander Gurko, summarized the discussion. He mentioned that at the moment, CAR DATA does not have a single platform for systematization and collection. The data are fragmented, formed in different places and belong to different market players. At the moment, there is no exchange of these data. Gurko noted that the business community does not yet have a common understanding of how to monetize CAR DATA. 

"No company has succeeded in this, although Google and Yandex have significant results" - he said.