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The government of the Russian Federation published a resolution on improving legislation and removing administrative barriers for the implementation of technological "road maps".

The official document says that the working group, whose leaders are approved by the presidium of the Presidential Council for Modernization of Economy and Innovative Development, will work on the development and implementation of "road maps" to improve legislation and remove administrative barriers. The working groups also coordinate the interaction of the responsible federal executive bodies, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Education of Russia.

The implementation of the "road map" measures should significantly reduce the existing administrative barriers to bring the market advanced technologies, goods, services and simplify the implementation of digital services. This was reported by co-head of the working group on the development of the implementation of the road map of the "Autonet" NTI, the president of GLONASS UNION Alexander Gurko.

The project of the "road map" in the direction of "Autonet" has already been developed by the working group with the participation of leading market experts and companies implementing the projects of the corresponding road map. 

The Government Decree also states that the working groups can initiate changes to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Adoption of these changes will have an impact on the implementation of NTI action plans.

«The AutoNet working group has already formed a package of projects, which are submitted for consideration to the NTI project office. We signed more than twenty agreements on cooperation with the initiators of these projects. At the moment, there is an active structuring of projects to ensure funding, including from the STI Fund. In parallel, "Autonet" continues cooperation with investment companies, foundations and development institutions to expand the portfolio with new projects», - added Alexander Gurko.