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Head of EMERCOM gets to know ERA-GLONASS system in Kaluga region

During his working trip to Kaluga, Vladimir Puchkov, head of the Russian EMERCOM, has reviewed the progress of integrated life safety system for Kaluga region residents. The minister got acquainted with ERA-GLONASS state urgent response system for road accidents, put into commission all over the country since the beginning of 2015.

The specialists of GLONASS Union, the only creator and implementer of ERA-GLONASS system, made a test call from the terminal.  The call was successfully taken by the call-center operator, processed and transferred to emergency services. The demonstration was also attended by Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of the Kaluga region, Yuri Kozhevnikov, the Deputy Governor, the members of the Commission for the emergency situations and fire safety under the Government of the Kaluga region and the media.  

The first stage of official trials of 112 system in Kaluga region was successfully completed in last year's December, including trials of connection between the state automated ERA-GLONASS information system and the emergency calling 112 system. Federal network operator Non-commercial Partnership GLONASS participated in official trials of 112 system in Kaluga region.

ERA-GLONASS system is meant to help save lives and preserve health of those in road accidents and other emergency situations on the Russian roads. In case of an accident, the terminal installed in the car, transfers information to ERA-GLONASS system, and then – to 112 system for emergency services response.  In the Russian regions without the 112 system, the ERA-GLONASS signal is transferred to the regional MIA call-centers.