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The Presidential Administration of Armenia is interested in ERA-GLONASS system

Non-commercial partnership GLONASS Union together with Russian Trade representation in Yerevan held a business mission in Armenia.

The Russian delegation met with representatives of governments and authorities of Armenia: Presidential Administration, National Security Council, the Ministry of Defense, Emergency Situations Ministry. In the framework of the business mission Head of International Projects Department of Non-commercial partnership GLONASS Union Alexander Bondarenko presented projects of the using navigation technologies in transport, including the ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System - a national project and a platform for the development of additional services.

"The experience and expertise accumulated in Russia in the implementation of projects on the application of satellite navigation, allow us to offer other countries proven solution and technological standards," commented the Head of International Projects Department of Non-commercial partnership GLONASS Union Alexander Bondarenko. – Quality and reliable satellite signal reception is particularly important in Armenia, due to the geographical features of the country. All Russian satellite navigation equipment available dual-system – GLONASS/GPS, which improves the accuracy and stability of navigation, even in difficult geographical conditions."

The experience of Russian Federation shows that the introduction of navigation systems in the transport sector will not only help to improve the safety of the drivers and passengers, but also can provide, according to experts, the positive economic impact of up to 1% of GDP.

Armenia is interested in Russian experience in creation of Accident Emergency Response System, as since January 2, 2015 the country became a member of Eurasian Economic Union. In accordance with requirements of the technical Regulations of this organization "On safety of wheeled vehicles" ,from 1 January 2015, all new cars, first held type approval in the territory of the Customs Union, shall be equipped with devices/systems of the emergence call. From 2017, these devices will be fitted to all new vehicles placed in operation in the countries of the Customs Union.