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The Russian government has approved the procedure of storing information in SAIS ERA-GLONASS

On February 21st the Russian government approved the procedure for interaction of an operator of ERA-GLONASS with owners of the information and its users. Regulation of this interaction was developed by GLONASS Union under a state contract for the development of regulatory and legal framework for SAIS ERA-GLONASS, which was signed in 2014 with the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

According to the Government decree, the operator of ERA-GLONASS will provide the integration and interaction of this system with other state and municipal information systems for automatic transfer of the necessary information.

"The procedure of ERA-GLONASS interaction with other information systems is necessary for its commercial operation and designed in accordance with the roadmap of creating JSC "GLONASS" and the development of the state automated information system ERA-GLONASS"- says GLONASS Union ERA-GLONASS Project Manager Mikhail Korablev.

The Federal Customs Service of Russia has to provide an information about imported vehicles equipped with ERA-GLONASS devices, include the identification number of the device, VIN, brand name, model, color and body number (if available) of the vehicle, to ERA-GLONASS in 24 hours. The information about released vehicles in Russia equipped with ERA-GLONASS devices will be acquired from automakers. Also the system will collect information on state license plate numbers, which will be provided by the Russian Interior Ministry within 24 hours from the date of its receipt.

Information about the time and place of the road accident is transmitting to the system from an ERA-GLONASS device. The information about emergency departments that have responded, the transmission time, the beginning of the response and the arrival of emergency services at the scene of an accident will come from the system 1-1-2 or from the Ministry of Interior of Federation subject. Victims will be able to obtain information about receiving the emergency signal and the beginning of the response of emergency services by voice communication via ERA-GLONASS terminal.

"State navigation maps and digital topographic maps will be available from FSUE "CGKIPD", which maintains the federal cartography and geodesy fund" - adds Mikhail Korablev. – "Terms and frequency of information transfer will be determined by the Transport Ministry and the Russian Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography."

The government has also approved the rules of interaction between ERA-GLONASS and automated information system of compulsory insurance. The operator of ERA-GLONASS, using a unified system of interagency electronic exchange, will transmit information about road accidents and other emergency situations on the roads, and the operator of the system of compulsory insurance, in turn, will transmit the information on the number of persons who have applied for compensation for damage caused to the health or property as a result of road accidents.