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GLONASS Union and Industrial Geodetic Systems to develop high-precision positioning system

Non-commercial Partnership GLONASS has signed a collaboration agreement with the Skolkovo Space cluster resident Industrial Geodetic Systems (IGS) R&D, as part of the 9th International navigation forum.

GLONASS Union and IGS will cooperate in the field of GNSS ground infrastructure creation on the territory of the Russian Federation for precise precision positioning and its use for providing customers with updating information and services.

"One of the development trends for navigation technologies is the increase of precision," said Aleksandr Gurko, President of the Non-commercial Partnership GLONASS, "In two Russian regions, Bashkortostan and Leningrad region, the precision positioning system for the needs of ERA-GLONASS accidents urgent response system  is ready and tested. We hope that our cooperation with IGS will help us increase coverage of PPP system in other Russian constituents."  

"Our system is present in 28 Russian regions. Thanks to cooperation with GLONASS, we are hoping to take leadership in the number of available on IGS basis GLONASS/GPS stations and cover the whole Russia," said Sergey Sorokin, Head of IGS.