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GLONASS Union and Skolkovo to create GLONASS technopark

GLONASS Union and Skolkovo Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement. Joint efforts will be aimed at Russian navigation market development and support of the Russian scientific organizations and manufacturing facilities.   

The document has been signed by Aleksandr Gurko, President of the GLONASS Union, and Aleksey Belyakov, Vice-president, executive director of the Skolkovo Space cluster, as part of the Moscow International navigation forum.

Pursuant to the agreement, GLONASS technopark will be created on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation center in order to bring together specialized research and experimental organizations, as well as innovation companies, developing navigation and related technologies. GLONASS Union and Skolkovo together will select projects with high level of innovation and commercial perspective, and will facilitate them together as part of technopark project.  

The main goal of GLONASS-Skolkovo cooperation is establishment and support of joint activities fulfilment as part of Skolkovo project by the Russian research organizations and manufacturing facilities, including small and medium businesses, for the creation of advanced navigation equipment, functional and manufacturing technologies and hardware and software, according to the market demands.

Close cooperation between the parties will begin in 2015.

Aleksandr Gurko, President of the GLONASS Union: "Non-commercial partnership GLONASS has initiated projects for the creation of the specialized development institutes, for application and export of GLONASS technologies, namely GLONASS Foundation and technoparks. Today we are making our first actual step forward – together with Skolkovo Foundation we're creating a technopark for developers of products and services based on GLONASS technology. We are positive that this new technopark, which will be followed by others, will become reliable basis for the development of national design centers for navigation receivers and equipment, navigation solutions and services for every class of customers in Russia and abroad. Cooperation with Skolkovo Foundation is an important step towards joining our competences, experience and capabilities in favor of technological development of our country."

Aleksey Belyakov, Vice-president, executive director of the Skolkovo Space cluster: "Space services are one of priorities of the Space cluster in Skolkovo Foundation. Our cooperation with federal network navigation operator is taken to a next level. The territory of the innovation center will see a specialized Technopark, which by the end of 2017 will host innovation companies, developing products and services using navigation technologies."