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ERA-GLONASS role in building a safe city under discussion at “Technoprom”

Aleksander Bondarenko, the Head of the international projects of GLONASS Union, spoke about the perspectives of using a state system of emergency response in case of accidents, as a part of a plenary session called "Safe City" is the basis of a "smart region" at the International Forum "Technoprom-2015".

ERA-GLONASS, the emergency response system for accidents, which was created in Russia, is the world first state system of help on the roads. It was put to use in January 2015 and, according to the experts' research, will be helping to save 4000 lives annually. ERA-GLONASS infrastructure and its secure and competitive technologies may serve to create new security systems. The system can also be efficient in providing safety in public transport and taxies.

"ERA-GLONASS system is a potential platform for the integration of federal, regional and municipal systems, including the "Safe City" systems", - Alexander Bondarenko said at the "Technoprom-2015" forum, - "The use of the system's infrastructure and application of a unified navigation and communication equipment will provide for the budget economy at all levels. According to our estimates, such an economy may amount to about 50%".

The international forum of technological development "Technoprom-2015" takes place on the 4-5 of June in Novosibirsk City. The topics of discussion include the promising directions of science and technology development, extensive projects and programs, problems of developing the modern system of knowledge and the infrastructure of technological development.