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GLONASS Union celebrates its 3rd anniversary

May 21st of 2015 GLONASS Union, the Russian National Navigation Services Provider, celebrated its third birthday. Three years ago the Partnership has united Russian leaders of telecommunication, information and navigation markets.

Since the first day of activity GLONASS Union was aimed at uniting business and government efforts in the interests of growth and competitiveness of the Russian navigation market and GLONASS technologies. Over these years the Partnership initiatives covered all the important areas of application of navigation technologies: improving the legal framework and technical regulations in the field of navigation, obligatory use of GLONASS with the implementation of major projects in road transport, such as tachographs and toll collecting system for heavy vehicles, the use of satellite navigation in the auto insurance market, support for Russian design centers of chipsets and navigation equipment, cooperation with the existing and the creation of specialized development institutions, and more.

An important project of the three years for GLONASS Union was the State Accident Emergency Response System ERA-GLONASS where the Partnership is the sole executor of the state contract for the creation and implementation of the system. Today, the largest project of the Russian navigation market has been successfully completed: since January 1st 2015 ERA-GLONASS put into commercial operation, creating necessary conditions for transport safety based on the most advanced technologies and scaling a domestic navigation market and the development of many navigation, information and communication services.

New GLONASS Union initiatives are related with the further development of the Russian market of navigation technologies. Among them are the development of an ecosystem of navigation services using the infrastructure of ERA-GLONASS, support the export of products and services using GLONASS, including ERA-GLONASS solutions, in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, SCO, BRICS, a creation of specialized fund and GLONASS Technopark together with other development institutions etc.