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GLONASS Union and Navigine to jointly develop indoor-navigation

GLONASS Union and Navigine, Skolkovo Foundation resident, have signed a collaboration agreement. The parties will joint their forces in order to improve indoor positioning market in Russia. The agreement as part of the 9th International navigation forum has been signed by Aleksandr Gurko, President of the GLONASS Union and Aleksey Panyov, Chief Executive Officer of Navigine.  

"We see great perspective in the field of navigation and indoor tracking systems, especially applied to industrial and specialized premises.  Our cooperation with Navigine shall enhance development in this innovative niche", says Aleksandr Gurko, President of GLONASS Union.  ­

"Joining out efforts, resources and competences with GLONASS Union will let us create competitive product, having unique properties, particularly on a global scale", ­ adds Aleksey Panyov, CEO of Navigine.

With the help of GLONASS Union Navigine signed Memorandum on cooperation with с Astertel Company, which implies establishment of a joint enterprise for development and commercialization of navigation and indoor tracking systems.   

This joint enterprise will develop software and implement navigational and informational systems.  The partnership will feature creation of navigation platform of continuous tracking for commercial transport, enroute as well as indoors (hangars, warehouses) for providing customers with navigation services based on GLONASS and Navigine technologies.

The primary projects might include solutions for major transfer hubs and logistic objects. The system is implemented in two stages. The first stage will feature primary integration at software level, using existing hardware systems: GNSS receivers, terminals with GNSS/BLE/Wi­Fi modules, mobile devices with GNSS/BLE/Wi­Fi. The second stage will include full integration at software level through establishment of a uniform device with GNSS/Wi­Fi/BLE modules and porting of navigation algorithms on to a chip.

The joint enterprise will also include the following initiatives:

·         comprehensive system of monitoring and  control over personnel movement for extractive and processing industries with integration into current safety and management systems;

·         tracking system for movable valuables along the warehouses and  manufacturing workshops;

·         high-precision indoor monitoring and navigation for specialized services like EMERCOM, fire department, etc.