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GLONASS UNION created a prototype of the Unified Federal Centre for automatic recording of traffic violations.

The project is developed as part of the Russian telematics service platform “Avtodata”.


Single point of information (Unified Federal Centre), about traffic violations to be created in Russia.


This will improve the current system of automatic recording of traffic violations, which is currently built on regional data centres. For example, in particular, it is supposed to exclude unauthorized access of officials to the personal data of car owners and form a single database for automatic search of stolen vehicles. Project cost estimated at 100M. rubles.


There are more than sixteen thousand traffic cameras, including mobile ones, are installed today on Russian roads. Over the past year, 142 million fines were issued for 106.5 billion rubles, of which more than 80% were issued based on information captured by cameras. Information from the cameras is initially sent to local servers in the regions. And after collection and processing are transmitted to the Federal information system FIS traffic police-Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Yevgeny Belyanko, Vice-President for the technology of GLONASS UNION, said that the prototype was created on the basis of “Avtodata” service telematics platform (solution involve car manufacturers and dealers).

— Today, in some regions methodology and technical control are not complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition to this there is also no possibility to monitor the performance of regional systems from the  Federal Centre — " Belyanko said.


From his words, access of authorized employees to information will be with personal electronic signatures and all traffic violation cases will be verified against requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In case if not comply, cases will be automatically rejected.


The data about camera location and violation case information will be processed in a Unified Federal Centre for automatic recording of administrative violations, and will be returned back to the corresponding regional systems after check, for making final decisions on a traffic violation on a regional level.


The unified system will eliminate not only the installation of cameras in the wrong places and illegal fines but also unauthorized access to personal data of car owners (the official will have to form a reasoned request signed by personal electronic signature.).