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The government has expanded the list of regions where testing of autonomous cars is allowed. Now there will be thirteen regions instead of two. This is stated in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation on February 22.


In addition to Moscow city and Tatarstan region, the list extended to Moscow region, Vladimir, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod and Leningrad regions, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous districts, Krasnodar district, Chuvashia and Saint Petersburg. The autonomous vehicles will be tested there for two years from March 1, 2020.


In Moscow and Tatarstan, tests have been running since December 2018.


The decree introduces the concept of "a batch of highly automated vehicles", which assumes "no more than 150 units". It is noted, that in the case of an experiment with an entire batch of such machines, one of them will be randomly selected to check for compliance with safety requirements.


Meanwhile, no one has yet announced plans to test large batches of autonomous vehicles.


A representative of GLONASS UNION and the National Technology Initiative (NTI) "AutoNet", under the leadership of which tests of autonomous vehicles are conducted to develop regulatory legislation for them, reminded that MADI and Yandex now have the right to test autonomous vehicles.


This is what Yandex does most of the time. The company is testing about 100 passenger autonomous vehicles on the roads of Moscow and on the closed territories of SKOLKOVO and Innopolis. It is expected that soon the right to test autonomous vehicles on the public roads will get "KAMAZ". “Our good partners Volvo and Scania, are willing to bring their cars to the roads of Russia as well” commented in GLONASS UNION.


Speaking about concrete plans for new test regions. The representative of GLONASS UNION provide information that Scientific and Production Association "STARLINE" (a St. Petersburg company), plan to test an autonomous Skoda Superb on Nevsky and Liteyny avenues in St. Petersburg. And the Kovrov technological Academy plans to test an autonomous "Gazelle" in Kovrov.


As reported, the resolution on the testing of autonomous vehicles was discussed and prepared in the framework of a working group of NTI "AutoNet", which includes representatives of automakers and representatives of MADI, Rosstandart, US industry and trade Ministry, Transport Ministry, internal Affairs and other agencies. 


"This is a large team, and the main driver of this process was the company Yandex, which justified the need for such an experiment and the admission of highly automated cars with a test pilot to public roads," Alexander Gurko, President of GLONASS UNION and co-Director of NTI "AutoNet", told reporters earlier.