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Roadmin exploring possibility of roping in Glonass alongwith GPS for accuracy about accident spots

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry is exploring the possibility of roping in Russian navigation system Glonass for more accurate spotting of accident sites and quick response, an official source said Monday.

Glonass is Russia's version of GPS. Glonass Union is a non-commercial partnership for the promotion of navigation technologies development and application.

"A presentation from Glonass was made before Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari as these days many positioning chips are using both GPS and Glonass for greater accuracy and backup. For the road ministry this would be useful in emergency response - greater accuracy in pin pointing accident spot and in GPS based tolling," a source said after the presentation.

A pilot project for GPS tolling has been awarded on Delhi Mumbai National Highway and the minister has suggested a similar pilot to be done for Glonass too, the source added.

The idea is to eventually shift to chips that use both GPS and Glonass plus, the source said.