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International cooperation


Significant aspects of NP GLONASS efforts are aiding the advancement of Russian navigation technologies in global markets and assessing the issues, pertaining to international activities.

Russian GLONASS System is a competitive advantage for our nation, which should be used for establishing a new innovative sector and exporting abroad high-tech products and services, based on Russian navigation technologies.

Advantages of dual-system GLONASS/GPS technologies in both mitigating the political risks of relying on navigation solutions, as well as improving navigation services performance – reliability and precision – form and objective basis for this. Starting from 2011, GLONASS/GPS solutions are the technology standard on the global market.

Navigation market in all of its segments (chipsets, equipment, systems, solutions, and services) and application areas (vehicles, smartphones, aviation, marine navigation, geodesy, construction, agriculture, and others) has no national borders. In such situation, Russian navigation companies that rely on competitive advantages of GLONASS/GPS solutions must be prepared for global competition and ready to enter foreign markets in order to achieve the required economies of scale. Broad business geography is a market necessity in the navigation field.

Advancement of GLONASS technology to international markets is in keeping with the national interests and with the interests of domestic business; it is expedient to unite the efforts and combine the resources of public and private sectors in this effort.
Building major (national) navigation information systems in transportation, based on GLONASS/GPS technology and innovative Russian solutions, tested and proven in creating the ERA-GLONASS System, will serve as the basis for rapid, large-scale advancement of GLONASS technology on world market, for the following reasons:
  • Automobile transportation is the largest navigation market segment (more than 50%), where the window of opportunity is still open.
  • National system, based on ERA-GLONASS is a platform for domestic market development, as well as the basis for integrating various government, regional, and industry sector systems: monitoring, road tolling, tachographs, and so on.
  • Building systems on the basis of ERA-GLONASS solutions allows the use of readily available, standardized, and mass-produced onboard equipment.
  • Automobile transportation systems are highly comprehensive products: they include equipment (chipsets), solutions, services, and building the systems themselves.
  • Building automobile transportation systems can be supplemented by deploying industry-sector navigation solutions (including high-precision solutions): civil engineering, road construction, agriculture, mineral extraction, and so on.
Advancement of ERA-GLONASS solutions is planed, first and foremost, in Eurasian Economic Community (CIS) member states, Latin America and Middle East countries.

At the same time, other means of advancement should also be used: cooperation with world-leading companies and local market leaders, collaboration with international organizations, establishing GLONASS competence centers abroad, participation in international events, and so on.