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The resolution "On changing the rules for connecting telecommunications networks and their interaction" was signed

On August 8, 2015, the Government Decree No 824 was signed, according to which mobile operators will provide traffic transit for the functioning of ERA-GLONASS system, when transmitting information about the accident.

The decree signed was supplemented the Regulations for connection of telecommunication networks and their interaction (approved by the Government Resolution on March 28, 2005 №161). Operators of mobile radio communications will provide traffic transit between the emergency response service dial device installed in the vehicle and communication network providing functioning of ERA-GLONASS system operating within the territory of the same Federation constituent entity, when transmitting information on road traffic and other accidents on the road and back.

GLONASS Union - federal network operator in the field of navigation is the sole executor of the project on creation and implementation of the ERA- GLONASS system. The leading Russian telecom operators are the members of GLONASS Union and took part in the ERA-GLONASS project.