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At a meeting of the Russian-Chinese Sub-Commission on Cooperation in the field of transport a special attention was paid to use of navigation systems

The 19th meeting of the Sub-Commission on cooperation in the field of transport of the Russian-Chinese Commission on preparation of regular meetings of heads of governments took place in Xi'an (The People's Republic of China). The Chairmen of the Subcommittee were the transport ministers of both countries Maxim Sokolov and Jan Chuantan. Head of international projects of GLONASS Union Aleksander Bondarenko participated in the meeting with the Russian delegation.

Participants of the meeting discussed the key issues of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of road transport and highways, sea, river, rail and air transport, as well as points of their passage and transit traffic.

During the discussion, particular attention was paid to the use of navigation systems in road transport between Russia and China. The parties discussed the possibility of the use of satellite navigation technologies GLONASS and BEIDOU in vehicle monitoring at transboundary movements. The requirements to equip buses and trucks carrying dangerous goods with car navigation systems have been established in China this year. In Russia, the mandatory carriage of such transport modes  was set in 2009, by the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles". The parties agreed to cooperate actively in the use of navigation systems GLONASS and BEIDOU in road transport movements between Russia and China.

The participants of the Sub-Commission noted the broad prospects for cooperation in satellite navigation and navigation technologies in transport. The Russian side proposed to consider the possibility of using Russian experience of creating a national system of response in case of emergencies in transport ERA-GLONASS in the implementation of a similar project in China, including in the field of equipping vehicles with systems for a call to emergency response services. The federal network operator in the field of navigation GLONASS Union is the sole executor of the project on creation and implementation of ERA-GLONASS system.

"For the Russian-Chinese co-projects in the field of satellite navigation technologies application at the transport support on the national level is important. Today we see the transition of cooperation between two countries onto a practical plane, - said Aleksander Bondarenko, the Head of the international projects of GLONASS Union. In addition to the creation and implementation of the system for emergency response in China we are ready for a bilateral working on projects to establish systems for monitoring and effective management of passenger transportation and control systems of heavy vehicles, introduction of navigation technologies in the activities of insurance companies, monitoring the state of stationary and natural sites".