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The winners of the Naviterra-2015 contest have been announced

As a part of the Open Innovations forum there has been announced the winners of a massive project contest in the sphere of navigation and remote sensing of the Earth - Naviterra-2015.

The contest was held by the Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster (STCC) of the Skolkovo Foundation in cooperation with branch leading companies and Russian leading investment funds. GLONASS Union acted as a general partner of the contest. The president of GLONASS Union Alexander Gurko and a chief analyst of the union Andrey Ionin were among the jury and took part in choosing the best projects.

More than 40 applications were submitted to participate in Naviterra-2015 contest. According to the results of the preselection 10 projects made it to the final stage; 7 out of them belong to the sphere of application of satellite navigation.

The first place was awarded to the Astro Digital project – a platform for access to the satellite data which makes searching, processing and integration of satellite images into web and mobile applications easy, fast and handy.

The second place was awarded to Module Information Analysis Agriculture System Integrated with Hardware and Software Complex for the Chemical Analysis of Plants and Soil project by M24 company. The system is aimed to provide the information analysis and operation of the agricultural enterprises.

The third place was awarded to the Digital Photo and Video Originality Verification project by the Digital Security Technologies company. The platform verifies the originality of the digital documents used in company's business processes and test them on artificial changes and location-based data manipulations.

According to the contest rules, the best project shall be recommended for sponsorship; the winners will be able to get a Skolkovo participant status under a simplified procedure and apply for a grant in the amount of 5 million rubles, and they will also get access to the acceleration support programs.  

Alexander Gurko, president of GLONASS Union: "GLONASS Union has acted as a general partner of the Naviterra contest, and we are very satisfied with the level of the companies that took part in the contest. The development of navigation services is a sphere in which small innovation groups are most effective. The presence of such services in the sphere of telematics, insurance and mobile applications will help to commercialize the GLONASS and ERA-GLONASS infrastructures". 

Alexey Belyakov, vice-president, executive director of Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: "As far as the contest was held for the first time we had our doubts whether we will get the necessary amount of high quality applications. Though the results turned out to be a welcome surprise for us – more than 50 applications of high quality 10 of which got to the final. The winners are the companies that make products using the Earth survey and navigation data for a wide market spectrum. For instance, agriculture; infrastructural objects monitoring; insurers; motor transport. Interestingly, the contest made it possible for the products complementing each other meet as, for example, an online platform for receiving and processing satellite images and the services designed on their basis. It means that apart from the prizes the finalists got an opportunity to broaden their partnership relations. Next year we will definitely repeat the Naviterra experience".