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GLONASS Union has delivered educational lectures for the Chinese State Corporation specialists

20 members of the Chinese State Corporation NORINCO, one of the biggest diversified holdings in the country, have been undergoing a training in Bauman Moscow State Technical University from October 8 to November 20. The ERA-GLONASS project head manager Mikhail Korablev delivered a series of lectures to the guests from the PRC on the creation, working principles, capacities and potential of the Russian emergency response system.

In the course of the training the professors from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Russian specialists from the leading core businesses and organizations delivered the lectures on various fields of application of satellite navigation technologies, high-accuracy navigation technologies and also on the construction and functioning principles of the satellite radio navigational systems, signal sending and processing GNSS, the methods of its accuracy increase, etc. The excursions to the university research laboratories and to the process-specialized enterprises were organized for the NORINCO employees. 

GLONASS Union actively cooperates with NORINCO in various spheres which include: the joint development and production of microelectronics; the joint work on the Silk Road project; the study of business development opportunities using high precision navigation; the joint development of navigation devices combining the GLONASS and BeiDou capabilities; and the creation of joint enterprises in the field of satellite navigation.

The Chinese State Corporation Norinco (China North Industries Corporation) unites some big projects in the field of mechanic engineering, defense industry, chemical and light industries, production of facilities, mechanical and electrical products, optical electronics etc. Besides, the company deals with civil projects in the construction industry on the territory of PRC and abroad.