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Student transport safety enhanced in Vladimir Region using GLONASS/GPS satellite navigators

Within the scope of the Education Department exposition at the Vladimir Regional Administration Building, JSC "Vladimir Regional NIC (Navigation Information Center)" and telecom operator MegaFon presented their GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation school bus monitoring project; technology is used to safeguard student transit by monitoring vehicles' technical condition and drivers' compliance with traffic laws.

The system uses onboard GLONASS/GPS vehicle terminals with SIM cards, connected to the MegaFon network; onboard terminals transmit information over the network to the data center, where it may be accessed using a specialized interface. Satellite navigation and mobile communications technologies make it possible to determine precise vehicle location, speed, direction, and distance traveled in real time, as well as keep records of fuel consumption; in event of a traffic accident or another emergency, vehicle location is automatically transmitted to the emergency services dispatch center.

"The project is being implemented within the scope of the Government Program for the Development of the Vladimir Region and addresses a very important issue – student safety. In addition, it notably reduces vehicle maintenance costs and improves employee discipline. All of our region's 180 school buses already have onboard terminals," said Vladimir Tarasov, General Director of JSC "Vladimir Regional NIC".

"Effective utilization of GLONASS/GPS systems greatly depends on communications service provider infrastructure. As project partners, we strive to ensure the highest system reliability, constantly optimizing 3G/4G network infrastructure and building new wireless base stations," commented Ivan Vlasov, Director of the MegaFon regional office.