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The NPO “GLONASS” has become a member of the Global Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management Association

A non-profit organization “Cooperation for development and use of navigational technology” (“Sodeistvie razvitiyu i ispolzovaniyu navigtsyonnykh tekhnologiy”, further – NPO «GLONASS») has become a member of the Global Unmanned aircraft Traffic Management Association (Global UTM Association). The NPO «GLONASS» - is the only Russian company that enters the association. 

The aim of the Global UTM Association is to develop measures for safe and effective integration of smaller Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into national systems of air space, development and unification of technical standards. The main task of the Global UTM Association – is to coordinate and cooperate efforts of the world’s UAS producers, services providers, scientific research institutes and other participants of the UAS market form different countries.

Today, the NPO “GLONASS”, a federal network operator together with open joint-stock company  “Rossiskie kosmicheskie systemy”(Russian space systems), “Rostelekom” and others develops a traffic management and control system for the smaller Unmanned aircraft systems based on GLONASS. That is why entering of the non-profit organization into the association plays an important role for developing and adaption of new technologies of the UAS air traffic management in Russia; development of approaches for automatic management of unmanned aircraft will facilitate forming of unified national and international technical standards that are necessary for creation and growth of the smaller UAS use world market. 

“Cooperation with such an authoritative organization, as the Global Unmanned aircraft Traffic Management Association (the Global UTM Association), will render in best accordance suggestions of Russian UAS market players to fit the world requirements, especially now, when a project consortium of Russian enterprises and organizations is forming for faster creation and adaption in the Russian Federation a system for smaller unmanned aircraft systems traffic management and control,” explained Alexandr Gurko, a president of the NPO “GLONASS”.

It is thought that adapting the UTM systems will offer to eliminate limiting infrastructural barriers for the smaller UAS flights, which will provide safe civil use of the smaller UAS, resulting in development growth of this new field. In particular, the systems for traffic management and the smaller UAS use (UTM) should, on the one hand, take into account conservative aircraft regulations and technologies and, on the other hand, provide a wide range of using the UAS industry’s new technologies and of adjacent industries, such as microelectronics, data transmission lines, technology of collision prevention, etc.

Currently 57 countries of the world develop and adapt legal and technical base that regulates the UAS civil use. Among the countries are: Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, Greece, South Korea, Poland and other.


The non-profit organization "GLONASS(non-profit organization “Sodeistvie razvitiyu i ispolzovaniyu navigtsyonnykh tekhnologiy”) — is a federal network operator in the field of navigation activity. The non-profit organization was founded in order to create conditions for developing a competitive industry for rendering navigation and information services in Russia. Governmental order № 522 “On work coordination and rendering services in the field of navigation activity” determined the non-profit organization “GLONASS” as a federal network operator in the field of navigation activity.

Alexandr Olegovich Gurko – is a president of the non-profit organization.

Alexandr Gurko is a member of a Russian president’s commission for general purpose aircraft development, navigation and information technologies based on the GLONASS and the UAS; he was elected a member of the president’s Council for economy modernization and innovative development of Russia.

The NPO “GLONASS” provides enhancement of regulatory legal base in the field of navigation activity, development of a unified technical policy in the field of navigation activity, integration of resources and efforts of government and businesses interested in developing navigational products and services utilizing the GLONASS technologies, their adaption in the Russian Federation and abroad, creating a global ecosystem of developers, service and content providers, that utilize the GLONASS technologies.

The NPO “GLONASS” incorporates: OJSC "VimpelCom", "GLONASS / GNSS - Forum" association, OJSC "Megafon", OJSC "Navigatsionno-informatsionnye systemy", OJSC "MTS", OJSC "Rostelekom", LLC "Summa Telekom", JSC "Kronshtandt", LLC "Yandex", state concern "Cesar Setellit", CJSC "Rossiyskaya corporatsiya sredstv svyazy" (RKSS), JSC "GLONASS", JSC "Gruppa Т1", OJSC "КАМАZ", JSC “NIIMA “PROGRESS”.