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Draft legislation “On the State Automated Information System “ERA-GLONASS” is adopted at the first reading by the Russian State Duma

"This legislation constitutes a crucial stage in building the road accident emergency response system," said following the vote Mr. Igor Igoshin, member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship.

"The Draft has passed the first reading, with 431 deputies voting for and none – against. This law is of paramount importance in shaping the regulatory and legal framework for adoption of the road accident emergency response system, as well as for completing the System infrastructure," in his turn told the Interfax news agency Mr. Alexander Gurko, President of the GLONASS Union – the sole general contractor for the ERA-GLONASS System.

The draft legislation establishes the legal basis for system operation, defines its purpose and legal status, and sets forth the order for securing the means for processing the data received from in-vehicle devices as well as the legal status of the property that is a part of the system infrastructure.