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GLONASS Union and Rostelecom conducted successful ERA-GLONASS and «1-1-2» systems interoperability trials in Russian regions

Successful trials of the interoperability of the ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response and «1-1-2» single number emergency alert systems were held in Astrakhan, Kostroma, Kursk, Tula, and Krasnodar regions. Standard technology solution for integrating the two systems has been developed by Rostelecom.

As part of the trials, systems' interoperation has been achieved from the moment that the emergency alert is transmitted from a vehicle, equipped with an ERA-GLONASS terminal, and until the emergency is handled by the «1-1-2» System operators.

The accident alert was successfully transmitted to the «1-1-2» System in every region. In all five regions, the emergency alerts were transmitted to the ERA-GLONASS System using vehicle-based ERA-GLONASS terminals. The terminal automatically determined the time and location of the accident using GLONASS and GPS navigation signals. This data was then automatically transmitted to the ERA-GLONASS System as a priority alert. The System generated an alert record and forwarded it to the «1-1-2» System, and established two-way voice communication between the driver and the «1-1-2» System operator. «1-1-2» System operator processed the alert and coordinated emergency services' response to the accident.

The ERA-GLONASS System received information on the progress of the emergency response.         

Alexander Gurko, GLONASS Union President:

"The principal technical task of the ERA-GLONASS System is to process the emergency alert data and ensure the highest possible reliability of delivering this data to the «1-1-2» System and the emergency response services. The trials in Russian regions permitted to work out the issues of interaction between the ERA-GLONASS and the «1-1-2» systems, as well as other emergency response services. In the regions where the «1-1-2» System has not yet been deployed, alerts are forwarded to the Mobile Police Patrol Management System of the Russian Ministry of Interior and other emergency response services. The trials have demonstrated that accident information is delivered by the ERA-GLONASS System to the «1-1-2» System in less than ten seconds from the moment of the accident."

Pavel Roytberg, Executive Director, Innovation Center at Rostelecom, noted: "The trials confirmed that the integration of the «1-1-2» and the ERA-GLONASS systems will substantially reduce the emergency response services' time-to-arrival on the road accident scene. Technology solution, developed by Rostelecom, will help the regions to meet the legislative requirements for building the «1-1-2» System the most effectively and at a substantial cost savings."