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Harmonization of ERA-GLONASS and eCall emergency response systems was demonstrated at the ITS European Congress in Helsinki

Within the scope of the 10th ITS European Congress & Exhibition, held 16 – 19 June 2014 in Helsinki, GLONASS Union presented a demonstration of interoperability between the Russian ERA-GLONASS and the European eCall emergency response systems.

Harmonization of standards and technical requirements for the ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems contributes to building a world-wide common road safety space: European motorists with eCall-equipped vehicles in Russia can obtain emergency assistance through the ERA-GLONASS call centers. Likewise, emergency alerts from Russian vehicles equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals in Europe will be routed to the eCall call centers.

Transmission of an alert from a distressed vehicle in Moscow, equipped with an eCall terminal and a European SIM card, to an ERA-GLONASS filtering call center operator workstation, was demonstrated in real time. The alert and the incident record, containing the information about the vehicle, its location coordinates, and the SIM card number, were compiled, authenticated, and transmitted to the 1-1-2 System as a complete "Incident Report". 

Bilateral interoperability was demonstrated by placing alerts from a vehicle in Helsinki, equipped with an ERA-GLONASS terminal and a Russian SIM card; the alerts were routed to an eCall call center emulator in Finland, where they were evaluated and processed.

Alexey Semenov, Director of the Development Programs Department of the Russian Ministry of Transport, who attended the demonstration, underscored the necessity for maintaining the compatibility between the Russian and the European emergency response systems throughout the entire process of development and deployment; continuous interaction with European colleagues will assure that a common road safety space becomes a reality for both Russian and European motorists as soon as both systems are fully operational.

"The first ever simultaneous and live emergency eCall interoperability demonstration at the 2014 European ITS Congress in Helsinki highlights the power of advanced connected car technology to improve road and driver safety," said Marcel Visser, Member of the ERTICO Supervisory Board and Director Business Development, Automotive Segment, Gemalto. "Gemalto's new automotive grade Cinterion® modules and MIMs (Machine Identification Modules) provided secure connectivity and eCall communications for four different 112-based eCall and ERA-GLONASS demonstrations executed simultaneously in Helsinki and Moscow showing the strength of Gemalto solutions in achieving reliable global connectivity across country and network borders".

The ERA-GLONASS System will commence full operation in January 2015. From 2017, all vehicles, sold in Customs Union member states, will be equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals. European eCall System will commence full operation in 2017 in the European Union.

Demonstration of interoperability between the Russian ERA-GLONASS and the European eCall accident emergency response systems, conducted within the scope of the Europe's largest event in Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, was presented by GLONASS Union jointly with Caesar Satellite, ERTICO - ITS Europe, Fujitsu Ten, Gemalto, and VTT.