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Know-how from building GLONASS technology-based systems discussed at the 40th APEC Transportation Working Group meeting

At the 40th meeting of APEC Transportation Working Group (TPTWG), held 18 – 22 August in Hong Kong, Alexander Bondarenko, head of NP GLONASS International Projects Service, took part in the work of the Intermodal and ITS Experts Group (IIEG) and the Road and Rail Safety Sub-Group (LEG-SAF).

Presentation on the Russian ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System was delivered within the framework of the Road and Rail Safety Sub-Group (LEG-SAF); this nation-wide system, built using GLONASS technology, serves as a robust foundation for continuous development of vehicle safety systems and additional motorist services. Adoption of such systems will save thousands of additional lives every year and reduce public expenditures.

ERA-GLONASS technical requirements and standards are harmonized with the similar European eCall System, creating a world-wide common road safety space between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. International development of the project will begin with Belarus and Kazakhstan, where GLONASS Union will participate in deployment of ERA-RB and EVAK systems in 2015. GLONASS Union is prepared to take part in similar projects in APEC member economies. Active efforts are being planned for working, both in bilateral and international format, with interested countries – Vietnam, New Zeeland, and Philippines.

At the Intermodal and ITS Experts Group (IIEG) session, Mr. Bondarenko presented current and prospective projects for adoption of GLONASS satellite technology-based systems and services. In addition to the ERA-GLONASS System, other key Russian navigation market projects are the Mobile Police Patrol Management System, municipal transportation management systems, and the Heavy Freight Vehicle Tolling System. Working Group participants discussed the potential for applying the know-how from building such GLONASS technology-based systems in implementation of similar projects in APEC member economies.

The APEC Transportation Working Group was established in 1991 as a structural unit of the Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE). The Group supports projects for safe, secure, and effective movement of people and goods across the region and helps to create and improve infrastructure in emerging economies. The Group focuses on achieving effective and reliable transportation (including proper safety and security measures) and coordinating measures designed to reduce the number of practical barriers to efficient transportation of passengers and cargo – development of an effective supply chain.