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Traffic accident reporting procedures with the aid of the ERA-GLONASS System approved by the Russian Government

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the resolution, expanding the use of the ERA-GLONASS System infrastructure as the technology base for building an automated traffic accident reporting system.

Requirements were approved for two types of control technologies – devices that capture still or video images of motor vehicles and the damage they sustained at the scene of the traffic accident while recording the date and time the images were taken, the location coordinates of the control device, and securing the integrity of the recorded data, captured using GLONASS technology or a combination of GLONASS technology and technologies of other global satellite navigation systems.

The resolution will raise the cap (from 50,000 to 400,000 rubles) on the amount of the insurance settlement that vehicle owners can collect for the damage to their vehicles in the absence of an official report from a dully authorized police officer, for traffic accidents that occur in the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg as well as in Moscow and Leningrad regions.

"Harmonization of the requirements for the control technologies, set forth in the Federal Law on OSAGO (compulsory third-party auto liability insurance), with the requirements of the ERA-GLONASS will permit the "Europrotocol" minor accident reporting procedure to come into use as quickly as possible. Use of readily-available equipment will reduce the financial burden on the motorists – from 1 January 2015, all new vehicle models will be equipped with onboard ERA-GLONASS units," commented GLONASS Union Vice President Yevgeny Belyanko. "The debate around the new version of the "Europrotocol" procedure went on for nearly two years, and the version, based on the ERA-GLONASS – the largest national project – was chosen in the end. Russia is becoming one of the leaders of the global intelligent auto insurance market by building a national system for support of electronic accident reporting  within the context of the "Europrotocol" procedure, based on the data provided by GLONASS satellite navigation system."