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GLONASS Union and China’s Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA) will work together to develop the concept of the Chinese accident emergency response system

On 24 and 25 of September, China's Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA) membership conference took place in Wuxi, China. During the session, within the framework of the Internal Working Group on Accident Emergency Response System in PRC, a working meeting between GLONASS Union and TIAA representatives was held and a development prototype of the Chinese system was demonstrated.

In August 2014, GLONASS Union and TIAA signed a Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation on adoption of standards for telematics, development and provision of telematics services, as well as for related sectors: digital cartography, development and production of GLONASS/BeiDou navigation chipsets, and in-vehicle navigation communication devices with emergency services alert functionality.

Strategic objectives of GLONASS Union and TIAA's cooperation include core service interoperability between the ERA-GLONASS and the Chinese eCall-based accident emergency response systems, including for vehicles which cross Russian and Chinese borders.

Earlier, GLONASS Union experts demonstrated the Russian ERA-GLONASS System in China and shared their know-how on implementing a major national project. At the Working Group meeting in Wuxi, China, TIAA demonstrated a development prototype of the Chinese accident emergency response system: when the "panic" button on the terminal was pressed, an alert was received and processed by the system.

To further joint efforts on developing the concept of the Chinese accident emergency response system, GLONASS Union and TIAA will set up a Technology Working Group. The members of this Group will analyze and discuss the technical requirements, incorporated in the ERA-GLONASS standards, and the similar set of standards now being developed for the Chinese system; GLONASS Union offered to test TIAA's prototypes using the ERA-GLONASS System Comprehensive Testing Center.