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Certification testing procedures for vehicles, equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals, assessed in a NAMI crash test

The first crash test of a vehicle, equipped with emergency services alert systems (ERA-GLONASS terminals), was conducted at the NAMI Automotive Research Institute's Testing Center to evaluate certification testing procedures for assessing conformity with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations "On the safety of wheeled transportation vehicles" for automatic activation of the ERA-GLONASS terminals in head-on collisions.

NAMI Testing Center is an accredited motor vehicle testing center and performs comprehensive certification and vehicle type approval testing for assessing conformity with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations "On the safety of wheeled transportation vehicles" (TR CU 01/2011) for vehicles, entering service in Customs Union member states. The Center is further accredited for testing vehicles, equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals, for assessment of conformity to TR CU 018/2011 Regulations.

In keeping with the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 94, vehicle certification testing procedures were evaluated in the course of the crash test of an M1 category vehicle. After a 40 percent offset deformable barrier frontal impact at 56 km/hr, both terminals from Russian producers – Cesar Satellite and Fort Telecom, installed in the test vehicle, maintained functionality after the collision and transmitted correct information about the location, time, and severity of the accident to the testing subsystem.

"This is a milestone not just for the automakers and automotive electronics suppliers, but for the entire ERA-GLONASS Project," said Evgeni Meilikhov, Development Director for the ERA-GLONASS Project. "These tests are an important step towards practical application of the developed certification procedures. Combining the competences of GLONASS Union and NAMI experts facilitates effective adoption of testing procedures, both international and developed by our organizations; we are getting ready to carry out certification testing for vehicles, equipped with emergency services alert terminals."

"NAMI Research Institute and GLONASS Union demonstrated today the capacity to conduct certification testing of vehicles, equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals. Automakers, equipping vehicles sold in the Customs Union member states from 2015 with ERA-GLONASS terminals, can test their vehicles at the NAMI Testing Center and take a step closer to certifying their conformity with the Customs Union Technical Regulations," said Denis Zagarin, Deputy General Director of the NAMI Testing Center. "Together with the GLONASS Union and automakers we will continue refining existing certification testing procedures and developing new ones."

"Cesar Satellite and GLONASS Union have been conducting joint trials of in-vehicle terminals and ERA-GLONASS infrastructure in Russia since mid-2013," said Andrey Putienko, Vice President of the Cesar Satellite Group. "The design of the ERA-GLONASS in-vehicle terminals we launched into production conforms to the mandatory requirements per TR CU 018/2011 and takes into account suggestions and proposals from the leading automakers. From the results of today's assessment we can confidently say that our ERA-GLONASS terminals meet all qualifying requirements for automatic determination of traffic accident parameters and transmission of corresponding data to the ERA-GLONASS AIS. Once certification testing is completed, we will begin to install our terminals in vehicles on a large scale. Cesar Satellite terminals meet harmonized technical requirements and standards for both ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems, which was demonstrated at the 10th ITS European Congress & Exhibition in Helsinki last June."

"For Fort Telecom, as an ERA-GLONASS equipment developer, today's event offered a unique opportunity to test our equipment in actual vehicles. Today, we got a definite confirmation that the System is ready for full operation with real automobiles," commented Vladimir Makarenko, Director for Business Development at Fort Telecom. "In addition, the testing demonstrated the readiness of the ERA-GLONASS infrastructure. Next up is the transition to the wide-scale system use, for which, I'm sure, all parties to the process are ready."