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9th International Navigation Forum

The central event of year in the field of the commercial use of satellite navigation technologies and, first of all, Russian navigation system GLONASS. The main purpose of the Forum is: to inform a wide audience in Russia about a current status and plans for the development of the GLONASS navigation system and foreign satellite navigation systems, state policies in the field of the commercial use of the GLONASS system in Russia and overseas, innovative technologies, up-to-date navigation equipment and services.

The program of the 9th International Navigation Forum is focused on end-users of navigation products and services, and covers all aspects of their practical use to build a successful business and enhance its efficiency. The Forum attendees will receive detailed information about legal aspects of using satellite navigation, learn about navigation and navigation & communication equipment of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers available in the market, various industry applications and experience of leading companies in the practical use of navigation technologies, including Russian business cases of using satellite navigation.  The breakout sessions and round-tables will cover the most current information about developed products, essential issues in the field of navigation, cartography, legal regulating. The attendees will be able to share their proposals for forming favorable conditions for the effective introduction of innovative technologies and to exchange their experience.

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