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IV International Congress "ERA-GLONASS"

On the 8th October 2014, the 4th International ERA-GLONASS Congress: «Modern technologies for ensuring road safety and convenience» will be held at the World Trade Center in Moscow by the Non-commercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union) – the National Navigation Services Provider.

The principle aim of the upcoming Congress is to inform the national and international public on the progress of building the State Automated Emergency Response System ERA-GLONASS and its development prospects. Within the scope of the Congress, discussions are planned on the topics of interest in operating the System, including regulatory framework development, capabilities for utilizing the ERA-GLONASS System in modernization of the national transportation system, and implementation of additional functions for various categories of consumers.

The Congress will be attended by representatives from Federal executive bodies and regional authorities of the Russian Federation, domestic and international vehicle manufacturers, leading automotive electronics producers, communications and navigation information service providers, as well as Russian an European experts on technical regulation.

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